1999 : Community driven digital publication

Base idea was to establish community driven digital publication where anyone can become a journalist and write about anything. Resulted a website called, a multiuser blog with discussions, having some 20+ editors writing about anything they were interested on. This was before blogs were widely known. Later the site turned to loose community around marginal music and movies or underground culture in general. Facebook and other social media channels attracted the users off but there is still small community around discussing mostly about music.

2008 : bulletin board based on geo-presence

First prototypes were about locating user on mobile device using cell tower IDs, this resulted some python based S60 apps that were recording those IDs as the user moved across city. General idea was to allow discussion and targeted messaging + advertising based on mobile users location. Later this idea transformed to broader location based bulletin board that could be accessed either via mobile application or web page and users would be seeing content specific to their loose geo-located surroundings. Idea was presented to Sonera 2010 on Idea10 competition without markable results. Proto is still working at (site is only in Finnish).